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Hi. I do conceptual art, creative relaxation, kinetic sculptures, biking and so many boring things. Below you can find a few of the projects i had the pleasure, honour and pain to design, code and decode. Thanks for visiting and your support. :)
Now: Your honey might be important for me.
Please, hit me at director@iashido.com or 40 72 357 76 92. Thanks again. Kiss Kiss Bliss

In no particular order:
100 to watch website.png
Blank_Site about site.png
Blank_Site old admin.png
about Blank_site.png
abroadsoftware site.png
addb aka iguana site.png
all hollow mag website.png
andy sinboy cuminte website.png
antim woodork workshop website.png
aooleu mag website.png
artskul website.png
awesome stuff for 2002.png
beta interface.png
big player - under dev.png
camil dumitrescu in noise.png
camil dumitrescu website.png
canah website.png
care cu tare website.png
carioca website.png
carla szabo 2005 site.png
carla szabo bugs website.png
casa di david website.png
cd for la fantana.png
choose malta tourism portal.png
cochet website.png
connex cd 2003.png
cora catalogs website.png
cora hypermarket website.png
da-co-chi website.png
darlan moraes jr proto.png
darlan moraes jr website.png
dashboard or web apps.png
didi dot ro.png
dock clock.png
dr oancea website.png
el capitan website.png
embryo website.png
fac ce vreau website.png
first bucharest wii open website.png
for the emperor Zander.png
forward-architects website.png
francisc titu 2003.png
fresh advertising website.png
frutti fresh website.png
ftp proto gui.png
gin photo website.png
guzuchim website - now fabryo.png
hardcomics in 2005.png
headvertising website.png
hypno hypno .png
iashido 2002 i think.png
iashido avec fake mustache.png
iashido website from 2005 plus minus 2 -3 years.png
iashido website from 2009.png
inhalemag wordpress theme.png
iosif kiraly photography website.png
isp startup website from 2003.png
jpa website 2014.png
kinetic sculpture in the making variation 1.png
kinetic sculpture in the making variation 2.png
kinetic sculpture in the making variation 3.png
kinetic sculpture in the making variation 4.png
kinetic sculpture in the making.png
knitted mask.png
knitted stereo mask.png
kristina dragomir award winning website.png
kristina dragomir website 2012.png
kristina dragomir website.png
kronospan website.png
kronospanfoundation website.png
kurt arrigo 2011.png
kurt arrigo 2012.png
kurt arrigo 2014 wordpress theme.png
kurt arrigo photography 2007.png
kurt arrigo photography website 2009.png
kurt arrigo website 2003.png
kurt arrigo website 2011.png
kurt arrigo website 2013.png
loyalia website.png
marius moga official website.png
mccann website.png
media kit 2010.png
mediakit adv website.png
mediakit website 2011.png
miha miha love you.png
minority website.png
mircea mocanu website.png
more than a proto.png
my site in 2009.png
nextcap website.png
omagiu magazine website in 2006.png
omnilogic 2009.png
pinkinetic proto.png
play corina website.png
playmincu website.png
proto interface.png
punam website.png
reactive packpack.png
rompetrol proposal for pitch.png
rompetrol website.png
senzu wordpress theme.png
sergiu mihaescu website.png
sex kit rules.png
spring clock.png
takenfrom visual archive website.png
the alternative school website.png
the book of george website.png
the place concept store website.png
unartfest website.png
urban guerrilla website.png
usb converse shoe prototype.png
very soon kinetic wallpapers.png
wp theme.png
wrinkled paper clock.png